Just 4 Kids Urgent Care Coming To Rexburg

Urgent Care for Kids

With clinics already in Idaho Falls and Chubbuck, we are excited to expand pediatric urgent care services in Eastern Idaho by opening a new clinic in Rexburg near BYU-I this summer. Our new Just 4 Kids Urgent Care clinic is currently under construction and will be located at 1218 Bond Ave. in Rexburg.

Just 4 Kids Urgent Care Rexburg Location Map

Just 4 Kids Urgent Care was started in 2018 by pediatric intensivist Dr. Aaron Gardner and his brother Travis Gardner to help fill a gap they saw in the healthcare system for children — between the family pediatrician and the emergency room. As a family-owned business, we focus on bringing parents peace of mind when it comes to the health of their children.

In connection to the Rexburg expansion, Dr. Gardner explains, “Madison County is exploding with promising growth, which means more families and more children. We’re excited to bring our flavor of pediatric healthcare to Rexburg and do our part to support this wonderful community.”

Dr Aaron Gardner

Create Routines

Routines are essential to stability: they provide reassurance by setting expectations that are predictably and constantly met. You can accomplish this easily by creating a schedule with established bedtimes, mealtimes, playtimes, and other pertinent daily activities. However, don’t be too strict with it — a routine is meant to help, not add to any stress your family may be experiencing.

You can further COVID-proof your routine by taking advantage of telehealth. These virtual appointments have transformed the healthcare landscape in a number of ways. First, they’re convenient for both doctors and patients because they cut out commute and waiting times and allow schedules to be set at each party’s own convenience. This is great for busy parents or those who live far away from city centers. They’re also cheaper than in-person visits and can be used for everything from simple consultations to diagnoses and even remote patient monitoring. For example, we’ve previously mentioned how you can use telemedicine virtual visits for preventative care.

We treat a range of acute illnesses and injuries from the common cold to broken bones. Exceptional pediatric care is available via state-of-the-art pediatric urgent care facility, which utilizes up to date, in-house pediatric imaging, therapeutics, and pain management techniques that are specifically designed to treat children. Our Rexburg clinic will mirror the other locations and be open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Additionally, we hope to be a resource to college students in the Rexburg area. Many college students become overwhelmed when visiting a doctor for the first time — especially if they are away from home. Just 4 Kids aims to make the process simple by providing information about how insurance works, online check-in options, and friendly staff who will walk patients through the entire process.

Taking advantage of new and advanced technology, Just 4 Kids Urgent Care offers:

    • Online registration
    • Onsite laboratory services; including rapid Flu, RSV, Strep, & COVID testing
    • Onsite X-ray services with rapid results
    • Sports & Mission Physicals
    • Immunizations
    • Prescription medication dispensing
    • Telemedicine visits
    • Real-time texting with pediatric nurses and providers (free service)

In addition to utilizing the latest technology at our clinics, we are committed to providing the same amazing experience and high level of care that you are familiar with in our Idaho Falls and Chubbuck clinics. By recruiting medical professionals with pediatric experience who embody our core values, you can rest easy knowing that your child is in the best hands possible for their urgent care needs in Rexburg.

Dr. Stephen Beebe will be the medical director of the Rexburg clinic and is looking forward to overseeing this new clinic. Dr. Beebe has over 20 years of pediatric experience, and is passionate about promoting healing for children and their parents. When asked about the company, he shared “I love the staff and their commitment to providing the highest quality patient care experience possible. We are a dedicated group of medical professionals who are passionate about serving the children in our community.”

Just 4 Kids Urgent Care does not replace your primary care physician. We work closely with local pediatricians and other medical professionals to ensure that your child’s treatments, results, and follow-up plans are as effective and efficient as possible. Call 911 for any life-threatening medical emergency or seek immediate medical attention at the emergency room.

About Just 4 Kids Urgent Care

As a pediatric health care company located in Eastern Idaho, we intend to change the world for kids. We opened our first urgent care in March 2018 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In September 2021, we opened a second clinic, located in Chubbuck, Idaho. We are locally owned and operated by Dr. Aaron Gardner — a well-known pediatric critical care physician, his brother Travis Gardner — the Chief Operating Officer, and a dedicated staff of medical professionals. Our mission is to “deliver health and happiness to children and their families, by embracing their divine potential, serving others authentically, nurturing relationships, and creating places of healing.”


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