How to Help Kids Thrive Amid Pandemic

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How to Help Kids Thrive Amid Pandemic

As the pandemic wanes, COVID-weary parents are finally finding relief. However, there is still some uncertainty as to what kids can do, and what is safe. Understandably, these circumstances may make you more protective of your child’s health, and worried about how best to help your kids feel safe and happy. 

One of the best ways to help kids thrive is to create stability for them, doing so will allow kids to have childhood experiences they deserve. Parents and healthcare providers can work together to create stability for children and youth, and help them to stay healthy. Here are some ideas to help parents enable their kids to thrive during this time of uncertainty.

Teach Kids – Give them Hope

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime historical event, and it may be causing kids to feel just a little bit uncertain about the future. The first step to providing stability is helping kids understand what is happening, so they can feel safe.

Providing research-backed and age-appropriate educational resources on the pandemic — like social epidemiologist Malia Jones’ ‘A Kids Book About Coronavirus’ — can give them the information they need. Since they know what’s going on, kids will feel more reassured and not give in to unfounded fear. More importantly, telling kids about all the efforts the world is taking to end the pandemic gives them a sense of hope and positivity. Opening up conversations about the small improvements in the community, such as masks being required in less establishments and many places opening back up again, will go a long way to make them feel more secure in their future.

Create Routines

Routines are essential to stability: they provide reassurance by setting expectations that are predictably and constantly met. You can accomplish this easily by creating a schedule with established bedtimes, mealtimes, playtimes, and other pertinent daily activities. However, don’t be too strict with it — a routine is meant to help, not add to any stress your family may be experiencing.

You can further COVID-proof your routine by taking advantage of telehealth. These virtual appointments have transformed the healthcare landscape in a number of ways. First, they’re convenient for both doctors and patients because they cut out commute and waiting times and allow schedules to be set at each party’s own convenience. This is great for busy parents or those who live far away from city centers. They’re also cheaper than in-person visits and can be used for everything from simple consultations to diagnoses and even remote patient monitoring. For example, we’ve previously mentioned how you can use telemedicine virtual visits for preventative care.

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Enhance Childhood Experiences

Despite the pandemic, there are so many great activities for kids to participate in. There are many indoor play options with activities like video games, music, and arts and crafts. You can increase your kids’ sense of independence and confidence by having them help around the house or follow safety protocols — like washing their hands — on their own.

What’s more, COVID-19’s airborne and highly transmissible nature doesn’t mean kids can’t play outdoors: circulating air provides more than enough ventilation to disperse these particles effectively. Just 4 Kids encourages parents to give their children and youth opportunities to stay active and be outdoors where possible. Your kids can even start participating in sports now, as more and more activities are being allowed and restrictions are now easing up more than ever. Just take note to still follow health protocols and guidelines in such gatherings. You can even eat comfortably at restaurants, as they follow protocols set by public health experts at the state and federal levels.

Though you may feel anxious about how to get through the final stretch of the pandemic, know that you don’t have to go about it alone. Just 4 Kids Urgent Care is dedicated to bringing parents peace of mind, and helping your kids get back to feeling their best.

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