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Using Telemedicine During COVID-19

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic came along, Just 4 Kids Urgent Care was offering telemedicine for our patients. Telemedicine is a virtual platform that enables

Sick girl needing urgent care.

RSV Season Hitting Its Peak

Heads up parents … We are nearing the peak of RSV season!! You can help protect your child and those around you with the following

Sleep In Class

More ZZZ’s Please!

All of us need sleep — especially children. Have you ever wondered how much rest is adequate for your child? The National Sleep Foundation offers

Fight The Flu

Take 3 Actions To Fight Flu

Influenza is here! We want to ensure you know everything and anything about influenza, how to prevent it, and how to best treat this viral

Sunburn Prevention

How To Treat A Sunburn

Summer means time spent outside soaking up the sun, trips to the swimming pool, and spending lazy afternoons by the lake. All this fun in

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