Neil Erickson

PA-C, Assistant Medical Director

Neil Erickson grew up on the West Coast and has lived in Texas, Arizona, California, and Utah. He currently resides in Idaho Falls, where he’s lived since 2019. Neil is an expert in pediatrics and emergency medicine. He is a graduate of the University of Washington. Neil’s fascination with the medical profession began in grade school when he discovered the show “Rescue 911.” It inspired him to become a paramedic and eventually attend PA school. Neil loves pediatrics because of the unique challenges it presents. He enjoys disguising his assessments as play, and he works hard sharpening different techniques to keep kids engaged during exams. Neil finds it gratifying when he quickly gains the trust of his patients, who he deems “amazing little people.” When he’s not at the office, Neil likes to travel with family, go boating, and conquer amusement park thrill rides. He is fluent in several languages, including English, Scottish, Canadian, Australian, and South African.

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