Laceration Repair


Stitches are for large cuts that are not likely to heal very well. Stitches are used to bring both sides of a cut together so it can heal. Having stitches put in is not a big deal, but it does require some care while the healing takes place.

Skin Glue

Skin glue is another way that we can treat a child that has a large cut. This will have a similar effect as using stitches. The glue can be applied quickly and doesn’t take long to dry. This treatment also requires care as it heals.


Staples may be used in areas that are difficult to reach. This makes it easier to quickly close a cut or wound without much damage done. They are also easier to remove than stitches, and may enable the wound to heal better.

Minor Burns

Burns, no matter how big or how severe, are a scary injury for both your child and for you! Burns are a type of damage to body tissue by heat, chemicals, sunlight, hot liquids, and other various causes.

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